Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life.

Outfit Details:
Hoodie: J Crew
Jeans: Hudson Denim
Boat Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

I recently took some time away from NYC to go back home to Florida.  I was there for about two weeks and came back to Brooklyn only after making a pitstop at my aunt and uncle’s house in North Carolina.  It really puts the whole cost-of-living thing into perspective.  Their gorgeous property, their houses and acreage were such good deals!  If NYC didn’t make so much sense to my life right now, I’d move there in a heartbeat, get a simple job and get a gut on Southern food and sweet tea. 

Mmm, sweet tea.

Keiko and I decided to take advantage of that short time there to snap some photos, breathe in the perfect country air, still crisp with the last hints of winter.  It was a brisk day, but sunny enough to break in my new Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes.  I’m a sucker for burgundy.

This should be a great summer.



Just Until Sundown

Outfit Details:
beanie - Target
Wyatt Field Jacket - c/o Coach
shirt - Uniqlo 
484 jeans - J. Crew 
shoes - Steve Madden

Best thing about Fall? Breaking in this new Coach jacket. Easily one of my favorite pieces right now.

Best, Bobby

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