Ready Is, All Night


Outfit Details:
Shirt: H&M
Suspenders: Vintage Brooks Brothers
Pants: Zara
Tie Bar: Vintage
Tie: Thrifted

As a bartender, it’s important to understand the chemistry of what you’re doing; being certain not to over-dilute the drink, not to shake too long, or improperly measure your ingredients.  The science and the history behind what goes on with making great drinks is what fascinates me, outside of the social aspect.  But playing the part means you have to do it well, so dressing up and smelling like a gentleman is important.  HUGO BOSS approached Keiko and me about testing out their new fragrance line for men, by showing how one could be ready using their day and night scents.  Being behind the bar, you’re moving a lot, shaking and getting pretty close to your guests.  BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. is great for that.  It has a strong, masculine scent that doesn’t overwhelm the palate, but will most certainly no go unnoticed with the crowd.

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