Hit The Ground, So We Can Breathe.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Thrifted
Pants: H&M

This year has seriously blown by so quickly, which reminds me of how terrible I’ve been at updating this blog-dohickey. 
A lot has happened recently, with my departure from The Meatball Shop, I’ve moved onto newer endeavors with The Mondrian Hotel SoHo.  I came on board as another bartender but quickly have climbed the ranks as one of their principal bartenders.  I say this with sincerity, that, if you’re of age to drink, and are willing to come to SoHo to visit me, I’d love to make you a cocktail you won’t forget. 
With that great news, things got better!  I was approached by one of NYC finest bartenders, Theo Lieberman of Milk And Honey, to see if I’d be interested in working at The Lantern’s Keep, a bar inside of the Iroquois Hotel in Midtown.  I knew quite a bit about this bar, seeing as it was voted one of the top 10 best Hotel Bars in the entire world.  Not NYC (which has enough hotels), not state, not even country - the world, y’all.  
So, nail-biting aside, of course I said Yes.  I am now the newest bartender at this incredible bar, apart of a team of about 4 other people.  
I have always felt that I’m incredibly lucky to have such good fortune fall upon me, but truth is I work terribly hard to get where I am.  I think the differences between me and the next guy, is I sweat bartending from my pores, bleed cocktails from my wounds and shed tears of gin.  If there is anything in your life that means that much to you, you’re walking down the right path, friend.
Make things happen this year, you’ve still got a few months left!


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