I had such a blast working with @rag_bone and @UltimatVodka!
This is a quick video showing y’all how to shake up my drink, The Hepcat! #UltimatStyle

Combat Gent

Look one: black gingham check slim fit shirt, Madras Monday tie by Combatant Gentlemen. Topshop jeans, JD Fiske shoes, vintage hat.

Look two: Black pinstripe slim fit suit, black gingham check slim fit shirt, black and white polka dot bow tie, all by Combatant Gentlemen, Bonlook glasses.

 Combatant Gentlemen recently asked me to browse their site and pick out some pieces to style. I picked out this gingham shirt, some neckwear, and a suit - all of which come at really affordable prices ($16 for neckwear, $30-$40 for a shirt, $160 for a full suit), because they sell directly to the consumer. By cutting out the middle man, they eliminate the huge markup that retail usually requires. I put together two looks: one casual, one a little more dressed (and suited) up - but both with some pattern mixing. I also went and got a haircut directly after these photos were taken, which is why I was wearing a hat. When in doubt, just put a hat on it. Or get a haircut, whichever comes first.


A Rush Of Blood To The Head.


Outfit Details:
Jacket: Coach
Pants: Top Shop
Boots: Ugg Australia
Beanie: Target
Gloves: H&M

I know that Spring has officially sprung, and I am glad we’re through with this long, bleak winter… that being said, I still wish I was here, in this beautiful place.
It was 3 degrees F this morning, my tea had frozen in front of me, moments after freshly making it.  The birds were playing in the air, and occasionally we’d see a small, black squirrel or chipmunk in the distance, hopping in the snow.
I love the city, but I could cut firewood and walk the half mile to the car every day, to be able to live in a place like this.  


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